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That moment when you call the 911 police, the cops know me very well beaver, I just wanted to report people Jehovah’s witnesses who come almost every day even at night and the police ignore me all the time. #police #polizei

@myapplepl nawet samo Apple Store w Monachium poleca bardziej Mojave niż aktualizacje do Catalina.

@myapplepl Tylko Mojave, za dużo błędów miałem na Catalina.

iPhone function :D

This is how my year sounded on @Spotify. Get your 2019 Wrapped #spotifywrapped
This was the sound of my decade. What about yours? #spotifywrapped…

Flight from EPPO (Poznan, Poland) to FAPE (Port Elizabeth, Africa) #xplane
5202NM (~9600km) arriving time 16h.
Aircraft: Cirrus Vision SF50

I will high end reconstruction and coloured your old photos… #oldphotos #photos

Have you ever imagine that @facebook is crawling links in your pdf files when you are sending them via messenger?

They just robbed me again, my iPhone 7 with all the data. :C
I hate this town, it wants to move out!

This observation platform on the 94th floor at the John Hancock Center in Chicago moves people forward to a 33° angle for a bird's eye view of the city 300 m below

My university just announced that it’s dumping Blackboard, and there was much rejoicing. Why is Blackboard universally reviled? There’s a standard story of why "enterprise software" sucks. If you’ll bear with me, I think this is best appreciated by talking about… baby clothes!

So now Blizzard have disabled ALL FOUR authentication methods to actively stop people from deleting their accounts. This is beyond disgusting. Spread awareness of this. #BoycottBlizzard

Open Source Alternative for Zapier 😍 #automation

μNaCl – The Networking and Cryptography library for microcontrollers

Thank you Google <3