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Probably the best Film with real Hacks

A few weeks ago I was in the cinema, during commercials and movie trailers were shown WhoAmI, trailer immediately spoke to me, So I found moments of time yesterday and go to the cinema.

It can not be described, everyone should watch this movie, keeps you in suspense from beginning to end, it’s probably one of the best movie made in Germany.
Small curio, in the film are shown real Hacks!


Der-Die-Das merkt da!

Substantiv + ung –> meistens die
Beispiel: die Umleitung

Substantiv + er –> meist der
Beispiel: der schutzleiter, der treiber
Ausnahmen: das gelender, die Leiter

Ge + verb +te oder +ne –> meist das
Beispiel: das geschliffene, das gelöste

Verb in substantiv umgewandelt–> meist das
Beispiel: Das Üben ist schwierig.