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12 Dec 22:38 via Twitter Web Client It wasn't the year of linux, on the news ycombinator 4x more often added entries with facebook than with linux....… #Linux

30 Nov 20:57 via Diaspora* //ITunix Who is Your Savior? [Comic]
Heck, based on the Whovians I know, it might as well BE a religion!
[Source: Home on the Strange (]

10 Nov 10:19 via Twitter Web Client 🔥+🦊=🙌🏾 Dołącz do walki o otwarty Internet wybierając Firefoksa!

29 Oct 23:43 via Tweetbot for iΟS When there will be a new season of Chilling adventures of sabrina #netflix #Netflix i love you!

5 Oct 00:19 via Twitter Web Client RetweetPatient asks if I can also fix teddy bear just before being put off to sleep... how could I say no?

28 Sep 14:37 via Twitter Web Client RetweetOFFICIAL: Germany will host UEFA #EURO2024 🇩🇪
More information to follow

15 Sep 00:35 via Twitter Web Client RetweetThe inset/surround appears to move.

10 Sep 21:51 via Twitter Web Client .@TerryReintke @sabineverheyen @MichaelDetjen @ANiebler Erhöhte Haftung von Plattformen = (Über)Blockierung von hochgeladenen Inhalten. Streichen Sie #Article13 am 12. Sept, #SaveYourInternet von der #Copyright #CensorshipMachine @AxelVossMdEP

27 Jul 19:27 via Twitter Web App How Evolution works
The topic is interesting and also in a cool graphic design.

27 Jul 09:05 via Facebook Friday, 27.07 at 19:00 to Saturday 28.07 at 1:45 is total lunar eclipse (blood moon)…

23 Jul 12:26 via Tweetbot for iΟS My personal MoneyPool
The money will go on holiday in Poland.… #paypal #moneypool #crowdfunding

14 Jul 14:07 via Facebook “Widzę głosy” - zobacz, kto kryje się za głosem postaci, które znasz z kreskówek…

2 Jul 21:26 via Twitter Web App I fell in love with XenServer <3, unnecessarily bought win10pro for hyper-v :/

25 Jun 18:10 via Twitter Web App Fun with own irc server, with ircv3 support
^_^ #irc

25 Jun 16:44 via Twitter Web Client @WitoldGlowacki Ja dostawałem przez 4 lata Kindergeld :)

24 Jun 02:33 via Twitter Web App Seximal: A better way to count [video]…

17 Jun 14:29 via Facebook "Doorway Effect" means why we forget why we entered the room.…

10 Jun 13:38 via Twitter Web App what I am now seeing

13 May 20:45 via Twitter Web Client RetweetI’m starting a candy company & it’s going to be amazing